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I have had an interest in photography since my schooldays and, in the early years, owned various second hand cameras, but it was not until I bought my first 'decent' and new camera - an Olympus OM10 - in 1980 that I started taking a serious interest in photography and I stayed with Olympus until about 1985 when I switched to Canon.

In 1973, I had the opportunity to visit Kenya for six days, three days at the beach and three days on safari. My cheap Kowa SLR camera (without interchangeable lens facility) packed up a week before the trip and I borrowed my sister's Fed 4 rangefinder camera for the trip. I did not know how to use it properly and the instructions were in Russian with a very rough English translation! Despite this setback, I was totally overwhelmed with the country and vowed to return, which I did in 1986. As a result of this, I developed a love of wildlife of all types, but particularly the African variety.  I have since returned many times to both Kenya and Tanzania. On my visit in 2006 I found I was in the minority as I was the only person using slide film, everyone else was using digital equipment, and on my return home, I decided it was time to get into the 21st Century and go digital. In 2008, I decided to try West Africa and went to The Gambia, where, unfortunately, there is not the variety of mammals as in East Africa; however, the birdlife is spectacular and it gave me an ideal opportunity to use my digital cameras. I have since travelled to Japan, Namibia and most recently to Costa Rica with trips to other countries planned.

I joined Whitchurch Hill Camera Club in 1989, and was Competition Secretary from 1990 until 2008. The club has a large membership, ranging from complete novices to accomplished photographers.